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About Akshi

The Akshi Vision Therapy Centre was started in 2009 by Meenakshi Dangi at Auroville. At present Akshi Vision Therapy is in Chennai- Adyar and is an extension of the house; the environment is homely and the treatment is conducted by the therapist herself. Patients are given appointments at different times so that they can follow their treatment in a calm, peaceful atmosphere. The centre only works in the afternoons between 3:30 p.m. and 6.30 p.m., Monday to Friday. The exercises usually take between 30 minutes. The patients are instructed to visit daily for five consecutive days. After which the patients are advised to do the exercises at home for minimum 6 months. They are suggested to call the therapist to clarify any doubts and come for routine checkups. People coming from out of Chennai are advised to make their own accommodation arrangements.

Therapist – Meenakshi Dangi

Meenakshi Dangi has trained under Dr. Prapanna, who has worked with the School for Perfect Eyesight in Pondicherry for over two decades. She has been practicing this therapy since 2009. Her original professional training was fashion design and she worked in the field of fashion from 1995. Her primary education was in Sri Aurobindo School in Pondicherry. She worked in Auroville in a fashion design studio for several years. She is known for being a jack-of-all-trades, including directing her own fashion label 'STRE', interior decorating, working for an advertising company, teaching fashion in a reputed institute and managing a well known fashion house in Auroville, she has mastered it all.

She says, “...after doing so much, there was still something missing in my life. That is when I took a break from work to find out what I really wanted. On this journey, I found Dr Prapanna in Ahmedabad who told me about this therapy. At that time, I was having some problems with seeing things far away. I went to his clinic for two days and saw a difference in my vision. I was overwhelmed. When asked if I wanted to learn this therapy, I thought it was a God given sign to help the needy. I learned and practiced with him for a year, during which time I had the opportunity to see nearly a thousand people of all age groups with various eye problems. It was satisfying to see people go back with a smile after the therapy. I felt peace and inner happiness. After a year, I was confident that I could manage on my own and that is when I came back to where I belonged and Akshi Vision Therapy was founded. Today I am happy and feel that I have found my missing link to life.”